What Are You Doing That Is NOT Benefiting Your Natural Hair?
What Are You Doing That Is NOT Benefiting Your Natural Hair?
What Are You Doing That Is NOT Benefiting Your Natural Hair?
  1. You’re using HEAT
    • Heat is a tricky beast when used in excess or on hair that is in a diminished capacity. Heat damage can happen slowly but much like fire, will destroy everything in its path. Excessive heat use will begin to fry the ends of your hair and eventually kill your hair as the temperature will be unbearable to already damaged hair. 


  1. You’re BLEACHING/COLORING your hair
    • I often have customers who are trying to look for alternative ways to approach their hair after bleaching or putting color in their hair has caused damage. When looking at alopecia and other hair conditions bleaching/coloring hair puts even more of a strain on the hair and can set you back in your regrowth journey.


  1. You’re using the products with cheap/low quality ingredients
    • While natural hair are products are often found in the “ethnic” section of the stores, it is not “one size fits all”. Quality ingredients matter! Using hair products that do not use quality ingredients can do the opposite of what you are desiring which is a healthy hair and scalp to foster healthy hair. Many of the ingredients listed on the products are not good for black hair and can clog your scalp and attract dirt to your hair unlike my products which use quality natural ingredients and address both the hair and scalp!


  1. You’re washing too often
    • Natural hair does not need to be washed daily! My recommendation is to wash weekly to assure you are not stripping your hair of the good oils found in hair. Also, I recommend avoiding any that contain sodium lauryl sulfate; it's the ingredient that gives shampoo lots of lather, which is perfect for stripping natural oils out. Our Organic Raw African Black Soap with Organic Peppermint Oil ismade to cleanse and soothe your scalp while stopping inflammation of the caused by CCCA alopecia.


  1. You’re not washing often enough
    • While many black households are used to washing their hair on a monthly basis, this could be the cause of suppressed hair growth. WATER is not only important for the body but also for your hair. When looking at lifestyles that incorporate activities that cause the scalp to sweat, cowashing can be done to assure you are to overwashing the hair.


  1. You’re pulling your hair too tight
    • Beauty is NOT pain! I know we have all had a ponytail or a protective style that has been too tight and gotten the little tension bumps around our hairlines…..NOT GOOD, continued styling with excessive tension can cause balding around those areas as well as permanent hair loss.
  2. You’re processing your hair
    • SAY NO TO CHEMICALS! Say NO to relaxers, NO to chemically coloring, JUST SAY NO!


  1. You’re OVER MANIPULATING your hair
    • While I understand that we all handle our hair at some point, I stress that how you handle your hair determines whether it remains on your head or not! You have too handle tangles, split or damaged hair, etc. with care.


  1. You’re holding on to dead weight
    • Everyone gets split ends at some point in time, but holding on to them for the sake of length does more harm than good. Split ends don't fix themselves—you have to trim them away as needed to prevent the the split from traveling further up the hair shaft and splitting the hair even more.